Rédacteur en chef: Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra

Équipe de rédaction: Maria Lavina

Crédits photographiques:

Banner Image: Kaufmann MS. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Home: Figure 1: Incantation bowl with an Aramaic inscription around a demon. Nippur. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Figure 2: Zodiac, central medallion, Hamat Tiberias synagogue. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Registration: Carved stone relief of structure on wheels (possibly the Ark of the Covenant), from the 5th-6th c. synagogue at Capernaum. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Team: Carved sarcophagus from Beth Shearim. Source: Creative Commons license

Institutions: Mosaic inscription at the Synagogue of Apamea, 392 CE. Royal Museums of Art and History, Belgium. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Bibliography: Hebrew manuscript with Babylonian vocalization. Source: Paul Kahle, Masoreten des Ostens (Leipzig, 1913), plate 5. Wikimedia Commons.

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